Our Process

This is where the magic happens

Our family farm is at the heart of everything we do. Blood, sweat & tears have gone into this patch of land (literally) and we couldn’t be prouder of what it has become. We do it all – we select fruit varietals, we seed, we nurture, we harvest. We handle the processing and the packaging. Why take it all on? So we have utter and complete control over every last thing, free of middleman price jackers and needless extra production (always watching our carbon footprint!).

Our Winery

From fruits of the Earth to nectar of the Gods, our wine-making process is an artful one – the way we plant/harvest the grains/berries, experiment with flavours and carefully mix them all together.

From there we taste, taste and taste some more, until it meets our ridiculously high standards to ensure love at first sip. What can we say? We’re suckers for perfection.

Our Distillery


From potatoes and wheat to wine and hemp, we start with top quality, certified organic ingredients and create our products from there. When it comes to our creations, we love exploring nature through a bottle.

Walking through the bush or along the prairie we see dozens of potential ingredients to experiment with and we grow them ourselves organically. And because we’re always looking for new ways to spice things up, your suggestions are always welcome.

Our Meadery

Slow and steady wins this race. Our mead-making process is a long and complicated one, but so worth it. We start by choosing where to place the hives in the spring and then tend to those glorious creatures as they work their magic.

Once they make the honey, we harvest it and then begin making mead. From start to finish, it takes 2 years just to make one batch. But as with everything we do, we believe that if you take it nice and slow, you can create something truly special.

Our Farmacy

With the legalization of all things cannabis, came the opportunity for our farmery to grow heavenly hemp (Cannabis Sativa). Because hemp plants produce negligible amounts of THC (the one that gives you a “high”), we’re able to use it in our products.  Hemp also produces the popular cannabinoid CBD (well-known for its purported general health & wellness benefits) making this yet another field we’re playing in.