For us, it’s all about the big “O”

Certified ORGANIC. That’s how most of our products roll. No preservatives. No nitrites. No unmentionables. Just pure, impassioned organic goodness in every last drop. And boy, can you taste it.

We’re growers and show-ers

Just about every ingredient found in a bottle of Birds & Bees is grown organically on our farm. In fact, we do it all – from seeding and harvesting to processing and packaging ­– and we’re one of the only companies in the world who do it.

Are we the best you’ve ever had?

These folks seem to think so! We’ve racked up a few notches on our bedpost over the years from across the eastern coast.

Giving is just as important as receiving

Every time you sip Birds & Bees, you can feel good about giving back too!

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